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For example, RFID readers may be integrated into the smart hazard detectors 104. The smart home environment door alarm100 may also include communication with devices outside of the physical home but within a proximate smart smoke detectorgeographical range of the home. For example, the smart home environment 100 may include a pool heater monitor 114 that communicates a current window alarms pool temperature to other devices within the smart home environment security key fob100 and/or receives commands for controlling the pool temperature. Similarly, the smart home environment Glass break sensor100 may include an irrigation monitor 116 that communicates information Cove Alarm Panelregarding irrigation systems within the smart home environment 100 Motion Activated Cameraand/or receives control information for controlling such irrigation systems Alarm Panel. By virtue of network connectivity, one or more of the smart home devices pandoof FIG. 1 may further allow a user to interact with the device Coveeven if the user is not proximate to the device.

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1. I cleared all other devices off of the 2. 4Ghz channel and only allowed SkyBell to use it. Nope. Firmware, all up to date. I did several speed test for Skybell's SSID and was consistently clocking over 3Mbps, well over double Skybell's requirement of 1.

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